Learning Nurse e-Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Nurse e-Learning Center. We have developed several different types of web-based learning modules that we present here. We will continue developing additional modules as time and resources permit. As well, we have provided links to other quality on-line nursing resources.

e-Learning CenterThis e-Learning Center has 6 sections - first, a section for eCourses: one for the nursing e-Learning modules and simulations that we have developed; one for Nursing Nuggets modulettes on how to prevent common nursing mistakes; and, finally, links to other websites that also have media and e-Learning courses of interest to nurses. Please click on the appropriate menu item to access the relevant page of information.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional learning modules. Tell us what you like, don't like and any additional features you would like to see!

Benefits of e-Learning

e-Learning has several benefits over traditional classroom training. These include:

1. Cost and time savings - not having to travel and spend time away from work.

2. Learning can be done from any location and at any time - this Just-In-Time-Learning benefit makes learning possible for people who never would have been able to work it into their schedules.

3. Learning is self paced - you learn when you want to ... and as fast as you want to! e-Learning is modularized so that you can go through the smaller chucks of training as needed and absorb it for a while before moving on.

4. You learn faster - research has shown that e-Learning courses progress 50% faster than traditional courses. This is partly because the individualized approach allows you to skip material you already know and understand, and move onto the topics that you really need to learn.

5. Increased retention and a stronger grasp of the subject - this is because of the many elements that are used in e-Learning to reinforce the message. Good e-Learning modules include audio, interactions, quizzes and other aids to learning. Also, you have the ability to pause or replay sections of the training that may not have been clear the first time around. Try that in a crowded classroom!