Confidentiality and Privacy

Steppingstones understands and respects your rights to confidentiality and privacy. We, therefore, promise to NEVER disclose or share your individual data collected on this website with your employer, nursing association or any other third party.

We keep secrets!Here is how the data collected on this website will be used.


All online payments are handled by our payment processor Stripe Canada. We do NOT see, record, track or keep your credit card data! All payment data is encrypted when it is sent to Stripe. 

e-Learning Center

Although some of our e-Learning and tutorials have a quiz included within them, NO data is collected or recorded from your responses to these tests. These incorporated quizzes are strictly an interactive feature for your own feedback.

Test and Quiz Center

The data to each test and quiz is anonymously captured and stored in a database. We are NOT interested in any individual's test scores but in the aggregate results. This data will be used to:

  • Validate the effectiveness of each test – if people are failing the quiz, perhaps the items are not clear and the test needs to be revised.
  • Identify learning needs – if there are topics in which tests scores are poor, this data may be used for developing online courses, brokering seminars and workshops, or letting post-secondary programs know that additional training may be required.

The Learning Nurse is an independent, safe and secure place for your professional development / continuing education program. No one will have access to your professional development records or test results. You decide whether you want to share this data with your employer, nursing association and anyone else!

If you have any questions or concerns about our security and privacy procedures and policies, please contact us.