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The Learning Nurse Resources Network is about informal nurse learning, continuing education and professional development. This Learning Nurse Best nursing website 2016website provides an independent and safe resource for ALL levels of nurses to assess, maintain and enhance their professional competence. The learning resources herein are suitable for nursing students, nursing assistants/aides, licensed practical nurses (LPN), registered nurses (RN), and registered psychiatric nurses (RPN), as well as nurse educators, trainers and instructors.

Our Learning Nurse website is divided into three major sections. First is Assessment. The assessment resources are designed to help nurses to determine what they know, and in what areas / topics they need to refresh or enhance their nursing competence, knowledge and skills. The assessment tools include nursing apps, nursing games, nursing quizzes, personality diagnostic tests and nursing self-assessment forms / questionnaires. Since immediate feedback is provided, our nursing apps, games and quizzes can also be used for fun, interactive, engaging and effective learning.

Our second major learning resources section is e-Learning. These nursing resources are designed to provide convenient online learning opportunities that are available at anytime and anyplace. The nursing e-learning section includes narrated eCourses and micro learning nuggets on common nursing mistakes and errors.

The third major component of this website is the Library. In the library, we have an article on nursing professional development and copies of our research reports and papers. Finally, we have a list of references and sources we used to create our various nursing apps, games, quizzes and e-learning modules.

If you have questions or comments regarding the Learning Nurse, please e-mail us at Steppingstones using the Contact Us form.


If we are to continue providing these Learning Nurse educational resources, we have to make some changes. For 15 years we have offered our learning activities free of charge and without any need to register. We absorbed all of the costs associated with this website. However, we can no longer do so! Our costs for hosting, software updates and overhead have all significantly increased. At the same time, the pandemic has greatly reduced our other revenue streams that we used to subsidize Learning Nurse.

Most reasonable businesses would simply close the website to cut their losses. However, because of the large number students and organizations that use our educational resources, we wanted to find a way to generate at least some income to help us offset our expenses. So, we are implementing a one-time, affordable, Subscription model.

If you are unfamiliar with Learning Nurse, we offer a free 30-day trial. No credit card is necessary. Just sign up to obtain immediate access. If our educational resources are something you want to continue to use, you can easily upgrade to the Student Plan.

For ongoing access to the Learning Nurse games, quizzes, personality tests and courses, you have to register for the Student Plan. The ONE-TIME fee of $10 USD grants you unlimited access to these learning resources forever. Registration and payment are simple, secure and will provide you with immediate access.

To accommodate instructors and teachers, we offer TWO Instructor Plans. A ONE-TIME fee of $25 USD or $50 USD creates an instructor account that lets you and up to 25 or 75 students access all of the Learning Nurse educational materials. Instructors can easily add, edit and/or delete students in their account. 

If you have questions or suggestions regarding these changes, and/or problems or technical issues with the Learning Nurse website, please contact me through our Contact Us form.

Thank you.
Russell Sawchuk
Learning Nurse

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