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EA: Nurse Leader EA-01: Leadership Skills
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
EA-01-01 Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment to leadership skills within the interdisciplinary health care team.
EA-01-02 Demonstrate knowledge of the significance of leadership theories as applied to health care organizations.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics and attributes of an effective leader such as:          
  • ability to research answers
  • EA-01-04
  • ability to take action
  • EA-01-05
  • exemplary communication skills
  • EA-01-06
  • high degree of competence
  • EA-01-07
  • high integrity
  • EA-01-08
  • ethical practice
  • EA-01-09
  • honesty and respect for others
  • EA-01-10
  • team player
  • EA-01-11
  • positive attitude.
  • EA-01-12 Demonstrate knowledge of the factors that affect the styles of leadership in an organization.
    EA-01-13 Demonstrate ability to assess and recognize own strengths and limitations as a leader.
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to practice in a variety of leadership roles such as:          
  • team member
  • EA-01-15
  • team leader
  • EA-01-16
  • educator
  • EA-01-17
  • management and administration roles
  • EA-01-18 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to further develop, utilize and enhance leadership skills through on-going education, clinical mentoring, and experience.
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