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DC: Professionalism DC-11: Nursing and Clinical Research
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge of the elements and impact of nursing research and evidence-based practice:          
  • improved quality of practice
  • DC-11-02
  • changes to practice based on new data
  • DC-11-03
  • recognize when research is questionable.
  • DC-11-04 Demonstrate knowledge of research methods and ability to access research.
    DC-11-05 Demonstrate knowledge of common barriers to research such as access, time, relevance, ethical issues, working culture and political environment.
    DC-11-06 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to involve clients, families and other health professionals as part of a formalized research project.
    DC-11-07 Demonstrate ability to integrate research findings in consultation with other members of the interdisciplinary health care team.
    DC-11-08 Demonstrate ability to collaborate with researchers to plan, conduct and evaluate nursing research.
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