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EA: Nurse Leader EA-02: Team Leader
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
EA-02-01 Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment when practicing in the team leader / charge role.
EA-02-02 Demonstrate knowledge of the job description, nursing care delivery model, policies and procedures of the agency.
EA-02-03 Demonstrate ability to assess the health status of assigned patients / clients / residents.
EA-02-04 Demonstrate ability to analyze assessment data to identify nursing diagnosis.
EA-02-05 Demonstrate ability to prioritize client needs and related care.
EA-02-06 Demonstrate ability to formulate, implement, and evaluate care plans.
  Demonstrate ability to assign client care to the nursing team based on:          
  • client needs
  • EA-02-08
  • level of care required
  • EA-02-09
  • level of support available
  • EA-02-10
  • education of team members
  • EA-02-11
  • competence of team members
  • EA-02-12
  • job description of team members.
  • EA-02-13 Demonstrate ability to supervise the nursing team and assist as required to ensure safe, quality nursing care is delivered.
    EA-02-14 Demonstrate ability to provide leadership in the revision of goals, priorities, and nursing intervention.
    EA-02-15 Demonstrate ability to manage time productively and utilize resources effectively in the team leader role.
    EA-02-16 Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with other health team members.
    EA-02-17 Demonstrate ability to accept, process, and implement orders from appropriate authorized health professionals.
    EA-02-18 Demonstrate ability to recognize the informal leadership role of team members
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to manage concerns and problems by:          
  • accurately identifying the problem
  • EA-02-20
  • gathering information to formulate proposed solutions
  • EA-02-21
  • examining all workable solutions
  • EA-02-22
  • taking action to solve problems as appropriate
  • EA-02-23
  • evaluating efficacy of action
  • EA-02-24
  • reporting and consulting as appropriate.
  • EA-02-25 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to advocate for clients / family.
    EA-02-26 Demonstrate ability to recognize the need for change and take action to facilitate change as necessary.
    EA-02-27 Demonstrate ability to organize and lead family / team conferences, meetings, and report.
    EA-02-28 Demonstrate ability to participate in committees and task forces to facilitate planning in the organization.
    EA-02-29 Demonstrate ability to provide positive role modeling and leadership to staff by being an advocate, communicating, encouraging, listening, motivating and supporting.
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