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DB: Communication & Interpersonal DB-03: Team Work
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DB-03-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to use communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
DB-03-02 Demonstrate knowledge to describe the roles of a team member in forming and maintaining an effective team relationship.
DB-03-03 Demonstrate respect for the knowledge, skill, ideas, opinions, and expertise of all members of the health team.
DB-03-04 Demonstrate ability to promote group cohesiveness by contributing the purposes and goals of the team.
DB-03-05 Demonstrate ability to actively participate in team activities to plan, implement, and evaluate client care.
DB-03-06 Demonstrate ability to articulate and promote the role of the nurse.
DB-03-07 Demonstrate ability to follow proper channels of communication within the agency.
DB-03-08 Demonstrate ability to provide / receive constructive feedback and recognition to / from fellow team members.
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