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DB: Communication & Interpersonal DB-04: Client and Family Teaching
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DB-04-01 Demonstrate basic knowledge of teaching and learning principles and techniques.
DB-04-02 Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to recognize the importance of common factors influencing learning.
DB-04-03 Demonstrate ability to assess common barriers to the teaching and learning process and adjust teaching accordingly to age, culture, education, emotions, gender, language, religion and stress.
  Demonstrate ability to apply common guidelines in providing client and family teaching such as:          
  • assess current knowledge level
  • DB-04-05
  • consider special needs of clients
  • DB-04-06
  • establish a positive learning environment
  • DB-04-07
  • pace learning to achieve optimum effect
  • DB-04-08
  • provide for active participation of client
  • DB-04-09
  • select appropriate time for learning
  • DB-04-10
  • use appropriate teaching methods to meet client's learning needs
  • DB-04-11
  • use audiovisual aids
  • DB-04-12
  • use language appropriate to client's level of understanding.
  •   Demonstrate ability to adjust teaching plan and delivery to meet needs of clients with special needs such as:          
  • clients of various age groups
  • DB-04-14
  • clients with impaired vision
  • DB-04-15
  • clients unable to read
  • DB-04-16
  • clients with short attention spans
  • DB-04-17
  • clients unable to speak
  • DB-04-18
  • cognitively impaired
  • DB-04-19
  • physically impaired
  • DB-04-20
  • mentally impaired
  • DB-04-21
  • cultural needs.
  • DB-04-22 Demonstrate ability to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning through appropriate responses, demonstration of skill, or change in behaviour.
    DB-04-23 Demonstrate ability to document the teaching plan, its delivery, and outcomes of the teaching and learning process.
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