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DB: Communication & Interpersonal DB-02: Therapeutic Relationships
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DB-02-01 Demonstrate ability to establish and maintain the nurse-client relationship on a professional level.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to establish effective therapeutic nurse - client relationships for the purpose of:          
  • assessment
  • DB-02-03
  • data collection
  • DB-02-04
  • building rapport
  • DB-02-05
  • client teaching
  • DB-02-06
  • client expression of needs
  • DB-02-07
  • promoting optimal wellness.
  • DB-02-08 Demonstrate ability to use appropriate communication techniques to initiate, maintain, and close the nurse - client relationship.
    DB-02-09 Demonstrate behaviors which facilitate the effective therapeutic relationship such as caring, confidentiality, empathy, empowerment, respect, touch and trust.
    DB-02-10 Demonstrate ability to identify and assess barriers to an effective therapeutic relationship such as abuse, attitudes, culture, environment, personal space and time.
      Demonstrate effective use of skills and techniques to promote a therapeutic relationship and interaction with clients and families such as:          
  • acknowledging
  • DB-02-12
  • clarifying
  • DB-02-13
  • focusing
  • DB-02-14
  • giving information
  • DB-02-15
  • listening
  • DB-02-16
  • open ended questioning
  • DB-02-17
  • paraphrasing
  • DB-02-18
  • perception checking
  • DB-02-19
  • reality orientation
  • DB-02-20
  • reflecting
  • DB-02-21
  • responding to client
  • DB-02-22
  • summarizing.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify the effects of communication techniques which inhibit the interaction or the relationship such as:          
  • advice giving
  • DB-02-24
  • challenging
  • DB-02-25
  • defensiveness
  • DB-02-26
  • making judgments
  • DB-02-27
  • probing
  • DB-02-28
  • rejecting
  • DB-02-29
  • stereotyping
  • DB-02-30
  • testing.
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