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CN: Rehabilitation Nursing CN-04: Collaboration
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CN-04-01 Demonstrate knowledge of the roles of the interdisciplinary team within the rehabilitation setting to facilitate the client's return to highest level of functioning.
CN-04-02 Demonstrate ability to serve as client advocate making client's views known to other health team members.
CN-04-03 Demonstrate ability to participate in establishing rehabilitation goals with the client and family and the interdisciplinary team.
CN-04-04 Demonstrate ability to contribute to the successful function of the interdisciplinary team by following through on the planned goals and activities.
CN-04-05 Demonstrate ability to facilitate discussion of client and family concerns within team conferences.
CN-04-06 Demonstrate ability to resolve conflicts among team members through effective use of communication techniques.
CN-04-07 Demonstrate ability to participate in the evaluation of the client's and family's progress towards rehabilitation goals.
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