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CN: Rehabilitation Nursing CN-05: Discharge Planning
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CN-05-01 Demonstrate ability to identify the effects of loss and disability on the client and family.
CN-05-02 Demonstrate ability to assess the transition the client and family must make for the client to return home.
CN-05-03 Demonstrate ability to work with the interdisciplinary team to prepare the client and family to adapt to the changes / transitions necessary for the client to return home.
CN-05-04 Demonstrate ability to identify social support systems which may assist client and family at home.
CN-05-05 Demonstrate ability to participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team to arrange for the discharge of the client.
  Demonstrate ability to identify and arrange community support and resources for the client upon discharge such as:          
  • home care
  • CN-05-07
  • central placement
  • CN-05-08
  • community rehabilitation
  • CN-05-09
  • community pharmacy
  • CN-05-10
  • social services.
  • CN-05-11 Demonstrate ability to teach the client and family strategies for dealing with behaviours and attitudes they may encounter in the community.
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