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CN: Rehabilitation Nursing CN-03: Support and Teaching
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CN-03-01 Demonstrate ability to assess the learning needs of the client and family.
CN-03-02 Demonstrate ability to use effective communication skills and techniques to establish a therapeutic nurse - client relationship.
  Demonstrate ability to develop a plan to address the learning needs of the client and family considering areas such as:          
  • knowledge, skills, attitudes
  • CN-03-04
  • acceptance of limitations of the disability
  • CN-03-05
  • clients optimum level of functioning.
  • CN-03-06 Demonstrate ability to identify the coping mechanisms being used by the client and family.
    CN-03-07 Demonstrate ability to select the appropriate time and place for client teaching, based on readiness, resources, and response.
    CN-03-08 Demonstrate the ability to support the client and family as they cope with illness, loss, recovery, and rehabilitation.
    CN-03-09 Demonstrate ability to provide emotional and psychological interventions to client and family throughout the rehabilitation process.
    CN-03-10 Demonstrate ability to assess on an ongoing basis the client and family response to treatment and care, and adjust teaching and support as required.
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