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CN: Rehabilitation Nursing CN-02: Assessment
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CN-02-01 Demonstrate ability to apply the nursing process to the health assessment of the rehabilitation client.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform full health assessment on the client such as:          
  • pain
  • CN-02-03
  • physical status and changes
  • CN-02-04
  • performance of activities of daily living
  • CN-02-05
  • neurological changes
  • CN-02-06
  • current abilities and strengths
  • CN-02-07
  • changes in abilities and strengths
  • CN-02-08
  • elimination alternations
  • CN-02-09
  • emotional state and response to loss
  • CN-02-10
  • nutritional needs
  • CN-02-11
  • cultural and religious influences
  • CN-02-12
  • sexuality alterations
  • CN-02-13
  • ability to follow self medication program
  • CN-02-14
  • need for adaptive and environmental aids
  • CN-02-15
  • effective use of aids
  • CN-02-16
  • response to treatment.
  • CN-02-17 Demonstrate ability to provide a variety of interventions to assist client and family to deal with physical, cognitive, and perceptual deficits.
    CN-02-18 Demonstrate ability to provide for relief of pain through pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain management strategies.
    CN-02-19 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide specific rehabilitation therapies and safely use equipment and devices to promote self care in activities of daily living.
    CN-02-20 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to modify nursing interventions based on objective and subjective assessment of client to facilitate improved coping with functional deficits.
    CN-02-21 Demonstrate ability to explore the client and family's perceptions, and concerns regarding functional deficits.
    CN-02-22 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to follow the medical treatment / rehabilitation plan and provide nursing care to clients with multiple needs.
    CN-02-23 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide clients ongoing education regarding the care and rehabilitation related to their specific disorders / injury.
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