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CN: Rehabilitation Nursing CN-01: Rehabilitation Process
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CN-01-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment to adapt the nursing process to rehabilitation nursing.
CN-01-02 Demonstrate knowledge of the rehabilitation continuum and the progression of the client through an episodic illness or trauma.
CN-01-03 Demonstrate knowledge of rehabilitation as re-education of one who has been ill or injured.
CN-01-04 Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose of rehabilitation to return clients to optimal functioning.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the multiple roles of the rehabilitation nurse such as:          
  • advocate
  • CN-01-06
  • caregiver
  • CN-01-07
  • coordinator
  • CN-01-08
  • counselor
  • CN-01-09
  • educator
  • CN-01-10
  • integrator
  • CN-01-11
  • researcher.
  • CN-01-12 Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of evaluation to the assessment of client and family's progress toward rehabilitation.
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