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CM: Perioperative Nursing CM-05: Prep Room Role
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to receive and monitor client in prep room or pre-surgery care as appropriate:          
  • provide explanations and demonstrate a caring attitude to the client
  • CM-05-02
  • provide information, materials, and support for client and family
  • CM-05-03
  • check each pre-operative chart for completeness as per policy, i.e., identification, history, prior surgery, allergy check, hemoglobin and urinalysis
  • CM-05-04
  • seek verbal confirmation of the following from the client for name, doctor, operative site, NPO, dentures, jewellery, medications and allergies
  • CM-05-05
  • provide the client with warm blankets, pillows, and other comfort measures
  • CM-05-06
  • attach all necessary monitoring devices, i.e., blood pressure, oxygen, E.C.G.
  • CM-05-07
  • provide O2 when required or ordered by doctor
  • CM-05-08
  • check all fluids levels i.e., IV and drainage unit
  • CM-05-09
  • attach patient equipment to electrical outlet if battery supply is low
  • CM-05-10
  • assist surgeons and anethestists with physical examinations of client providing necessary equipment and providing privacy for client
  • CM-05-11
  • assist anesthetist with topical, retrobulbular, local anesthetic, administration of eye medication, initiation of IV site
  • CM-05-12
  • maintain knowledge of crash cart, defibrillator, and code criteria.
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