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CM: Perioperative Nursing CM-04: Anaesthetist Role
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assist anaesthetist:          
  • provides supplies to anaesthetist as required
  • CM-04-02
  • supply anaesthetic cart with clean tubing, appropriate size face mask, airway and breathing bag depending on the age and size of the client
  • CM-04-03
  • prepare appropriate endothracheal tubes
  • CM-04-04
  • assist the anaesthetist with epidural, spinal, topical, retrobulbular, local anaesthetics, and nerve block
  • CM-04-05
  • initiate intravenous and prepare supplies for anaesthetiste
  • CM-04-06
  • prepare and provide drug to the anaesthetist when requested
  • CM-04-07
  • assist with induction of anaesthetic i.e., intubation, fixation, and connection of endotracheal tube
  • CM-04-08
  • apply necessary eye protection, i.e., tape, saline sponge, etc.
  • CM-04-09
  • assist with preparation related to insertion of CVP, arterial lines, blood warmers
  • CM-04-10
  • check blood and blood products identification with anaesthetist
  • CM-04-11
  • assist with extubation and reversal of anaesthesia
  • CM-04-12
  • assist with transfer of client to "Post Anaesthetic Recovery Room", ICU, or designated ward
  • CM-04-13
  • restock drugs for anaesthetic supply.
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