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CM: Perioperative Nursing CM-01: Perioperative Knowledge
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CM-01-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment in the perioperative role.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to practice perioperative nursing:          
  • role of operating room nurse
  • CM-01-03
  • application of nursing process
  • CM-01-04
  • admission, discharge and transfer of client
  • CM-01-05
  • asepsis and sterile techniques
  • CM-01-06
  • surgical procedures, protocols, and related disease processes
  • CM-01-07
  • medications used in pre, intra, and post-operative care
  • CM-01-08
  • anaesthesia methods and protocols
  • CM-01-09
  • client and health care team safety measures
  • CM-01-10
  • assist in the teaching / orientation of new staff
  • CM-01-11
  • ordering of supplies, equipment as appropriate
  • CM-01-12
  • preparing costing for surgical procedures as appropriate
  • CM-01-13
  • protocols important to the surgical suite
  • CM-01-14
  • associated legalities, policy, and procedure
  • CM-01-15
  • documentation and reporting.
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to perform the disinfection process within the surgical environment such as:          
  • surgical theatre
  • CM-01-17
  • equipment and instruments.
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to prepare supplies for sterilization such as:          
  • linens and dressings
  • CM-01-19
  • glassware
  • CM-01-20
  • rubber goods
  • CM-01-21
  • instruments.
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to perform various methods of sterilization such as:          
  • steam sterilization (gravity displacement, pre-vacuum, pulsing gravity)
  • CM-01-23
  • chemical sterilization (ethylene oxide, aqueous gluteraldehyde, peracetic acid, gas plasma)
  • CM-01-24
  • dry heat sterilization.
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to safely handle and care for surgical equipment such as:          
  • endoscopes and instrumentation
  • CM-01-26
  • video equipment
  • CM-01-27
  • laser systems and equipment
  • CM-01-28
  • electrosurgical tools
  • CM-01-29
  • power tools.
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