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CL: Pediatric Nursing CL-03: Support and Teaching
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CL-03-01 Demonstrate ability to provide support to pediatric client / family.
  Demonstrate ability to teach pediatric client / family in relation to areas such as:          
  • compliance with treatment
  • CL-03-03
  • diagnosis
  • CL-03-04
  • discharge
  • CL-03-05
  • hospital / home routine
  • CL-03-06
  • medication / pain management
  • CL-03-07
  • play area
  • CL-03-08
  • rest period.
  •   Demonstrate ability to assist child / family to adjust to hospitalization:          
  • behaviors indicating adjustment or lack of adjustment to hospitalization
  • CL-03-10
  • call child by name
  • CL-03-11
  • discuss concerns and involving parent or significant other
  • CL-03-12
  • encourage two-way communication
  • CL-03-13
  • introduce child and parent to other children in the room
  • CL-03-14
  • listen to how the child feels and encourage questions
  • CL-03-15
  • manage anxieties observed or expressed by client / family
  • CL-03-16
  • meet the emotional needs of those involved
  • CL-03-17
  • prepare equipment for admission in advance
  • CL-03-18
  • provide for child and parent comfort
  • CL-03-19
  • providing orientation to unit
  • CL-03-20
  • use empathy in responding to fears of the child and family.
  • CL-03-21 Demonstrate ability to identify and meet emotional needs of family and significant others in coping with infant / child illness.
      Demonstrate ability to provide discharge teaching to parent and significant other such as:          
  • referral agencies
  • CL-03-23
  • follow up appointment with physician
  • CL-03-24
  • awareness of signs and symptoms of complications
  • CL-03-25
  • information regarding medication, diet, exercise, and activities.
  • CL-03-26 Demonstrate knowledge of the roles of the health care team in assisting the pediatric client, parent, and significant other through child's illness.
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