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CM: Perioperative Nursing CM-02: Scrub Role
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to carry out the requirements of the perioperative scrub role:          
  • apply strict sterile technique
  • CM-02-02
  • provide the surgical team with instrumentation and supplies
  • CM-02-03
  • anticipate the needs of the surgical team
  • CM-02-04
  • ensure safety and security of the client throughout the procedure.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform the competencies of the scrub role such as:          
  • perform surgical scrub procedures
  • CM-02-06
  • perform client safety checks
  • CM-02-07
  • check case cart / supplies
  • CM-02-08
  • ensure equipment / instrumentation is available, set up, and in good repair
  • CM-02-09
  • prepare client skin prior to procedure
  • CM-02-10
  • prepare efficient sterile set-up
  • CM-02-11
  • drape client for procedure
  • CM-02-12
  • knowledge of sequence of events of surgery
  • CM-02-13
  • anticipate needs of surgeon
  • CM-02-14
  • organize and handle sutures, needles, and staples
  • CM-02-15
  • manipulate and hand instruments to surgeon and assistants
  • CM-02-16
  • sponge, suction, and retract incision as directed
  • CM-02-17
  • observe for inadvertent breaks in appropriate technique
  • CM-02-18
  • assist with corrective action if necessary
  • CM-02-19
  • identify specimens to circulating personnel and type of testing required
  • CM-02-20
  • when possible, anticipates unexpected or adverse events and takes action
  • CM-02-21
  • handle and prepare medications and contrasts for administration to the client
  • CM-02-22
  • participate in handling and counting of instruments and supplies
  • CM-02-23
  • ensure appropriate surgical procedure documentation is in place
  • CM-02-24
  • assist with skin closure and apply sterile dressing as necessary.
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