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CL: Pediatric Nursing CL-02: Interventions and Safety
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge of safety precautions used in infant / child care such as:          
  • checking mechanical equipment
  • CL-02-02
  • identification of client
  • CL-02-03
  • inspecting toys
  • CL-02-04
  • keeping personal care supplies out of child's reach
  • CL-02-05
  • knowing the physical and cognitive abilities of the infant and child
  • CL-02-06
  • maintain close physical contact when caring for the infant and child
  • CL-02-07
  • medical asepsis
  • CL-02-08
  • medication out of the child's sight and reach and locked up
  • CL-02-09
  • prevention of cross contamination
  • CL-02-10
  • provision of secure environment
  • CL-02-11
  • understanding and applying precaution when oxygen is in use.
  • CL-02-12 Demonstrate understanding of the legalities and agency policy regarding alternatives to restraint or use of restraint on pediatric client.
    CL-02-13 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to use protective devices as per agency policy.
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