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CA: Clinic-Based Nursing CA-01: Clinic Nursing Knowledge
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CA-01-01 Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgement throughout the nursing process in clinic based nursing.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide clinic based nursing services such as:          
  • health promotion
  • CA-01-03
  • illness prevention
  • CA-01-04
  • health maintenance
  • CA-01-05
  • home support
  • CA-01-06
  • community rehabilitation
  • CA-01-07
  • pre-hospital community
  • CA-01-08
  • coordination and referral.
  • CA-01-09 Demonstrate ability to work as a liaison between client and other health care providers.
    CA-01-10 Demonstrate ability to utilize effective time management skills.
    CA-01-11 Demonstrate ability to maintain confidentiality.
    CA-01-12 Demonstrate ability to work independently in clinic based nursing.
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