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BF: Psychiatric Care BF-07: Medication Therapy
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and utilize critical thinking in determining the use of medication in treatment:          
  • Drug actions, interactions and side effects
  • BF-07-02
  • Drug protocols
  • BF-07-03
  • Symptom management
  • BF-07-04
  • Routes of administration
  • BF-07-05
  • Discretionary use of medications.
  • BF-07-06 Integrate current knowledge from the neurosciences to understand etiologic models, diagnostic issues and treatment strategies.
      Demonstrate knowledge of psychopharmacologic principles of medications prescribed for patients, including:          
  • Drug classification
  • BF-07-08
  • Intended and unintended effects
  • BF-07-09
  • Related nursing implications
  • BF-07-10
  • Health teaching.
  •   Apply principles from the neurosciences and psychopharmacology to provide safe and effective management of patients being treated with psychopharmacologic agents:          
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability to conduct and interpret patient assessments in relations to the medications, including physical, neuropsychiatric, psychosocial and drug-related parameters.
  • BF-07-12
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability to utilize appropriate nursing, psychiatric and medical diagnostic systems to guide medication management of patients.
  • BF-07-13
  • Take an active role in the treatment of patients and integrate prescribed medication interventions into a cohesive, multidimensional plan of care.
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