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CA: Clinic-Based Nursing CA-02: Assessment and Prioritizing
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CA-02-01 Demonstrate ability to participate in the triage and screening of clients as per clinic policy.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide full health assessment of the client including, but not limited to:          
  • admission of client to clinic
  • CA-02-03
  • determine reason for visit
  • CA-02-04
  • prioritizing care
  • CA-02-05
  • collect assessment data
  • CA-02-06
  • prepare client for physician examination
  • CA-02-07
  • collect and send specimens
  • CA-02-08
  • follow clinic protocol and routines
  • CA-02-09
  • document and report findings.
  • CA-02-10 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to ascertain if client's basic needs are being met such as clothing, food, shelter, safety and transportation.
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