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BF: Psychiatric Care BF-06: Rehabilitation Therapy
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical bases of therapies used in rehabilitation of the chronic and recurring mental illness, including:          
  • History and development of rehabilitation therapy
  • BF-06-02
  • Theoretical foundations of rehabilitation therapies
  • BF-06-03
  • Knowledge of remotivation therapy
  • BF-06-04
  • Knowledge of retraining therapy
  • BF-06-05
  • Knowledge of adaptive life skills training
  • BF-06-06
  • Knowledge of psychosocial rehabilitation
  • BF-06-07
  • Knowledge of assertive community therapy.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of remotivation therapy, including:          
  • Creating climate of acceptance by introduction and identification of members
  • BF-06-09
  • Creating a bridge to reality by introduction of simple universal topics
  • BF-06-10
  • Sharing views of the world by development of topic with aid of pictures, props and simple questions, and by stimulating all senses
  • BF-06-11
  • Encouragement of individual responses to topic
  • BF-06-12
  • Acknowledgment of each individual and their contribution to the session.
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