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AA: Nursing Knowledge AA-07: Pharmacology
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AA-07-01 Define pharmacology.
AA-07-02 List four primary sources of drugs.
AA-07-03 Describe the processes by which drugs are used in the body.
AA-07-04 Distinguish between local and systemic sites of action.
AA-07-05 Recognize normal lab values.
  Describe the common effects of drugs:          
  • therapeutic effects
  • AA-07-07
  • side effects
  • AA-07-08
  • adverse reaction
  • AA-07-09
  • allergic reaction
  • AA-07-10
  • synergistic effects
  • AA-07-11
  • drug interactions
  • AA-07-12 Describe the signs, symptoms, and treatment of anaphylaxis
    AA-07-13 Identify common legislation and drug standards.
    AA-07-14 Distinguish the difference between generic and trade name of drugs.
    AA-07-15 Identify the uses, actions, major side effects, nursing implications, and examples of common drug classifications.
    AA-07-16 Define nursing role in controlled substances.
    AA-07-17 Identify common systems of measurements in drug therapy.
    AA-07-18 Identify common formulas and calculate medication dosages for clients throughout their lifespan.
    AA-07-19 Describe the therapeutic purpose of drugs.
    AA-07-20 Describe the factors influencing medication action.
    AA-07-21 Describe and give examples of common medication actions.
    AA-07-22 Differentiate between drug abuse and drug misuse.
    AA-07-23 Differentiate between physiological and psychological dependence.
    AA-07-24 Identify roles and responsibilities of physician / nurse practitioner in prescribing and pharmacists in the dispensing of drugs.
      Identify the principles underlying safe administration of medication:          
  • assessment
  • AA-07-26
  • rights
  • AA-07-27
  • documentation
  • AA-07-28
  • policy and procedures
  • AA-07-29
  • safe disposal
  • AA-07-30 Describe the purpose of common pharmacological references and resources.
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