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AA: Nursing Knowledge AA-06: Nutrition
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AA-06-01 Describe the importance of nutrition to health and recovery.
AA-06-02 Identify the functions, major sources, and daily requirements for common nutrients: carbohydrates, fiber, fat, minerals, proteins and vitamins.
AA-06-03 Identify the Food Guide requirements for each age group throughout the life cycle.
AA-06-04 Identify factors that affect normal nutrition, e.g., cultural, socio-economic and geographical.
AA-06-05 Identify the indicators of adequate and inadequate nutrition.
  Describe common methods to assess nutritional status:          
  • general appearance
  • AA-06-07
  • height and weight
  • AA-06-08
  • diet history
  • AA-06-09
  • food allergies
  • AA-06-10
  • body mass index
  • AA-06-11
  • lab values
  • AA-06-12
  • swallowing
  • AA-06-13
  • perception of body image
  • AA-06-14 Describe the purpose and elements of common therapeutic diets.
    AA-06-15 Identify the role of the dietician as a member of the health team.
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