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AA: Nursing Knowledge AA-08: Nursing Science
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AA-08-01 Describe the steps of the nursing process – assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
AA-08-02 Integrate knowledge and skills from sciences and humanities into the application of the nursing process.
AA-08-03 Describe the process of identifying a nursing diagnosis.
AA-08-04 Understand the evolution of nursing including history, role, function, and professionalism.
AA-08-05 Describe the characteristics of the national or federal, state, or provincial health care systems.
AA-08-06 Identify the common methods of delivering and organizing nursing care.
  Describe the basic elements of nursing theories and models:          
  • definition of nursing
  • AA-08-08
  • health
  • AA-08-09
  • human needs
  • AA-08-10
  • illness
  • AA-08-11
  • nursing process
  • AA-08-12
  • wellness
  • AA-08-13 Identify and describe trends and issues within the nursing professions.
    AA-08-14 Describe the legal, ethical, and moral aspects of nursing.
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