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AA: Nursing Knowledge AA-05: Growth and Development
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AA-05-01 Explain the common theories of human growth and development throughout the life cycles.
AA-05-02 Describe the significant physical, psychological, social, cognitive, moral, spiritual, and cultural developments throughout the life cycle.
AA-05-03 Describe the principles of growth and development.
AA-05-04 Describe how the factors of environment, genetics, culture, lifestyle, religion, and maturation influence growth and development.
AA-05-05 Identify the developmental tasks for each stage of growth and development.
AA-05-06 Describe the normal process of learning.
AA-05-07 Describe and apply the principles of teaching.
AA-05-08 Describe and apply normal stages of death and dying, and grief and grieving process.
AA-05-09 Relate normal growth and development processes to the application of nursing in the care of clients of all age groups.
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