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EC: Practice Management EC-05: Marketing
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
EC-05-01 Demonstrate knowledge of professional marketing regulations and applicable code of ethics with respect to marketing.
  Demonstrate knowledge of marketing nursing / healthcare services, e.g.          
  • Setting marketing goals and objectives
  • EC-05-03
  • Elements of a successful promotional program
  • EC-05-04
  • Why patients / clients leave – understanding consumers
  • EC-05-05
  • Practice personality
  • EC-05-06
  • Identifying patient / client base
  • EC-05-07
  • Telephone, logo, brochure and newsletter use, surveys, Internet, social media
  • EC-05-08
  • Attracting new patients / clients
  • EC-05-09
  • Monitoring practice marketing success and making adjustments.
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