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DA: Safety DA-13: Safe Work Practices
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DA-13-01 Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to comply with workplace policies regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
DA-13-02 Demonstrate responsibility in maintaining workplace safety.
DA-13-03 Demonstrate ability to ensure safety of clients, self, and colleagues as appropriate.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply self protection / prevention techniques such as:          
  • respect for personal space
  • DA-13-05
  • flexibility
  • DA-13-06
  • distance
  • DA-13-07
  • teamwork
  • DA-13-08
  • distraction techniques
  • DA-13-09
  • personal alarm devices.
  • DA-13-10 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess level of anxiety and recognize progression to agitation and aggression.
    DA-13-11 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to document and report all types of safety related incidents as per agency policy.
    DA-13-12 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply the principles of non-violent crisis intervention.
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