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DA: Safety DA-12: Client Safety
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DA-12-01 Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment in maintaining client's physical safety.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply nursing interventions that replace restraint use such as:          
  • availability of appropriate staff to stay with client
  • DA-12-03
  • availability of family to stay with client
  • DA-12-04
  • observation and tracking of behaviour
  • DA-12-05
  • education of staff and family
  • DA-12-06
  • moving client near nursing station
  • DA-12-07
  • reality orientation
  • DA-12-08
  • rearrangement of environment
  • DA-12-09
  • recreational diversion
  • DA-12-10
  • removal of other stimuli.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify appropriate need for restraints:          
  • potential injury to self
  • DA-12-12
  • potential injury to others.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize protective measures for clients as an alternative to restraints such as:          
  • non-skid shoes or socks
  • DA-12-14
  • low-rise beds
  • DA-12-15
  • motion detectors.
  • DA-12-16 Demonstrate knowledge of legal implications of restraint use.
    DA-12-17 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of clients rights with regard to restriction of personal freedom in use of restraints.
      Demonstrate knowledge of therapeutic and non-therapeutic use of different types of restraints:          
  • physical restraints and protective devices
  • DA-12-19
  • pharmacological restraints.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge of negative effects of restraint use such as:          
  • restriction of freedom
  • DA-12-21
  • risk of falls
  • DA-12-22
  • decrease in cognitive ability
  • DA-12-23
  • bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • DA-12-24 Demonstrate knowledge of the need for a physician / nurse practitioner order for the use of restraints.
    DA-12-25 Demonstrate knowledge of the agency policy and procedures related to the use of restraints.
    DA-12-26 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to safely use type of restraint needed.
    DA-12-27 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform ongoing assessment, care and monitoring of patient's skin, extremity, circulation, and client response.
    DA-12-28 Demonstrate ability to document overall effectiveness of restraint.
    DA-12-29 Demonstrate ability to act appropriately to an emergency with a client in restraint.
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