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CO: Surgical Nursing CO-03: Pre-Operative Care
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform pre-operative care as per agency policy such as:          
  • pre-operative database assessment
  • CO-03-02
  • type of surgery
  • CO-03-03
  • special tests and procedures as required
  • CO-03-04
  • height and weight
  • CO-03-05
  • ensure client / witness consent
  • CO-03-06
  • pre-existing medical conditions and allergies
  • CO-03-07
  • specimen collection
  • CO-03-08
  • vital signs
  • CO-03-09
  • bowel preparation
  • CO-03-10
  • confirm oral intake restrictions
  • CO-03-11
  • family contact information
  • CO-03-12
  • secure valuables and personal property
  • CO-03-13
  • skin preparation as necessary.
  • CO-03-14 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to prepare and transfer client to the operating room (OR) as per agency policy.
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