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CO: Surgical Nursing CO-02: Perioperative Teaching
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform pre-operative teaching as necessary such as:          
  • continuation of usual medications
  • CO-02-02
  • demonstrate effective deep breathing and coughing
  • CO-02-03
  • demonstrate use of incentive spirometer
  • CO-02-04
  • demonstrate exercises appropriate to type of surgery
  • CO-02-05
  • discuss common pain control options
  • CO-02-06
  • discuss location of personal directive / personal will
  • CO-02-07
  • discuss post-operative care and rehabilitation
  • CO-02-08
  • external drains and tubes expected following surgery
  • CO-02-09
  • refer to other health team members as necessary
  • CO-02-10
  • respond to client questions, e.g., probable length of surgery
  • CO-02-11
  • supply available literature / information pertinent to type of procedure / surgery.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform and reinforce post-operative teaching as necessary such as:          
  • safety
  • CO-02-13
  • pain control
  • CO-02-14
  • observation of surgical site and dressing
  • CO-02-15
  • explanation of external drains
  • CO-02-16
  • dietary needs and restrictions
  • CO-02-17
  • ambulatory aids
  • CO-02-18
  • review literature pertaining to surgery
  • CO-02-19
  • encourage attendance at discharge class by client and family, if available
  • CO-02-20
  • educate about discharge medications and follow-up appointments
  • CO-02-21
  • discuss appropriate activities, dress, limitations
  • CO-02-22
  • contact home care, if applicable.
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