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CK: Palliative Care Nursing CK-04: Care and Comfort
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to provide nursing care to keep client comfortable:          
  • maintain a peaceful environment
  • CK-04-02
  • communicate with client, family and significant others
  • CK-04-03
  • use touch to reassure client and family
  • CK-04-04
  • adjust nursing care to compensate for changes in normal functioning
  • CK-04-05
  • bathing, skin care, mouth care, hygiene measures
  • CK-04-06
  • administer medication to ensure comfort.
  •   Demonstrate ability to provide care to family:          
  • comfortable environment
  • CK-04-08
  • touch
  • CK-04-09
  • listening
  • CK-04-10
  • collaborating with other health team members.
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