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CK: Palliative Care Nursing CK-03: Psychological Support
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CK-03-01 Demonstrate an awareness of own perspective of death and dying.
CK-03-02 Demonstrate ability to recognize and respect client's and family's reaction to the dying process.
CK-03-03 Demonstrate ability to perform nursing care in a composed, sympathetic, and considerate manner.
CK-03-04 Demonstrate ability to recognize the client's and family's adaptation to the grieving process.
CK-03-05 Demonstrate ability to recognize and understand co-workers reactions and feelings toward the dying process.
CK-03-06 Demonstrate ability to teach and inform the family of client's condition.
  Demonstrate respect for religious and cultural practices that bring comfort to the dying client and family:          
  • aware of rituals and fundamentals of different faiths
  • CK-03-08
  • access hospital chaplain or clients representative.
  •   Demonstrate ability to recognize and make an effort to keep the family comfortable physically, emotionally, and spiritually:          
  • direction to quiet room, phones, parking
  • CK-03-10
  • nourishment
  • CK-03-11
  • offering overnight accommodations
  • CK-03-12
  • refer to emotional and spiritual support
  • CK-03-13
  • location of chapel
  • CK-03-14
  • offer support and encouragement.
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