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CH: Occupational Health Nursing CH-06: Program Support
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to manage the Occupational Health and Safety office:          
  • provide administrative support
  • CH-06-02
  • manage attendance reports
  • CH-06-03
  • respond to calls
  • CH-06-04
  • maintain computer records and documentation
  • CH-06-05
  • maintain statistics regarding accidents, near-miss accidents, WCB claims, and progress reports
  • CH-06-06
  • complete worker compensation board" forms and protocols
  • CH-06-07
  • follow proper channels of communication
  • CH-06-08
  • adhere to policy and procedure
  • CH-06-09
  • effective time management
  • CH-06-10
  • contribute to evaluation of program.
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