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CH: Occupational Health Nursing CH-05: Emergency Situations
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate ability to implement and maintain established emergency protocols for:          
  • fire
  • CH-05-02
  • chemical leaks
  • CH-05-03
  • explosions
  • CH-05-04
  • dangerous goods
  • CH-05-05
  • evacuation.
  •   Demonstrate ability to respond to emergency calls:          
  • establish and maintain first aid measures according to industrial standards
  • CH-05-07
  • maintain emergency equipment for response to work related accidents.
  •   Demonstrate ability to provide emergency medical treatment in the event of injury:          
  • provide emergency scene management
  • CH-05-09
  • assess hazards and ensure safety at scene
  • CH-05-10
  • contact appropriate people to move hazards
  • CH-05-11
  • provide emergency care for injured
  • CH-05-12
  • assess and prioritize the physical and mental status of client
  • CH-05-13
  • establish and maintain first aid measures
  • CH-05-14
  • refer client for appropriate medical treatment
  • CH-05-15
  • arrange transport of client for emergency treatment
  • CH-05-16
  • document and report event.
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