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CG: Neurological / Neurovascular Nursing CG-04: Client / Family Support
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CG-04-01 Demonstrate knowledge to recognize impaired neurological and neurovascular status, and assist client and family to discuss concerns.
CG-04-02 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to recognize the normal stages to accepting permanent loss of function, and support the client and family.
  Demonstrate ability to offer emotional support to client and family:          
  • demonstrate caring and concern
  • CG-04-04
  • use effective communication techniques.
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to refer to appropriate support services such as:          
  • pastoral care
  • CG-04-06
  • occupational therapy
  • CG-04-07
  • physiotherapy
  • CG-04-08
  • home care
  • CG-04-09
  • social work
  • CG-04-10
  • support groups
  • CG-04-11
  • speech and language specialists.
  • CG-04-12 Demonstrate ability to adjust care to accommodate client's age, gender, culture, disability and deficits, coping within new limitations, and rehabilitation.
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