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CG: Neurological / Neurovascular Nursing CG-03: Spinal Precautions
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
CG-03-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess for spinal injury and complications.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply and maintain spinal precautions such as:          
  • ensure spinal precautions as ordered by physician / nurse practitioner
  • CG-03-03
  • proper body alignment at all times
  • CG-03-04
  • spinal collars, application, and removal
  • CG-03-05
  • assist to stabilize the spine with manual and / or mechanical traction.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide nursing care and interventions specific to the client with spinal injury such as:          
  • assess motor power
  • CG-03-07
  • assess neurovascular status
  • CG-03-08
  • assess skin care and institute protective measures
  • CG-03-09
  • care of drainage tubes and equipment
  • CG-03-10
  • safety precautions with casts, clam shells, halo traction
  • CG-03-11
  • provide wound care
  • CG-03-12
  • elimination.
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