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BC: Infusion Therapy BC-06: Blood Transfusion
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BC-06-01 Demonstrate knowledge of circulatory system and components of blood and blood products.
BC-06-02 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to use standard precautions.
BC-06-03 Demonstrate knowledge of normal lab values pertaining to blood transfusion.
  Demonstrate knowledge of common transfusions according to composition and indications for use:          
  • cryoprecipitate
  • BC-06-05
  • fresh frozen plasma
  • BC-06-06
  • packed red blood cells
  • BC-06-07
  • packed white blood cells
  • BC-06-08
  • plateletse
  • BC-06-09
  • plasma expanders
  • BC-06-10
  • whole blood.
  • BC-06-11 Demonstrate knowledge of blood typing and cross-matching of blood.
    BC-06-12 Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the ethical and religious beliefs regarding blood transfusions.
    BC-06-13 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of client's legal right to refuse blood or blood products.
    BC-06-14 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to set up for blood administration.
    BC-06-15 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to obtain blood or blood products from blood bank as per agency policy.
    BC-06-16 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to participate with an appropriate health professional to check patient identification with label on blood or blood product.
    BC-06-17 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to monitor and regulate administration of blood or blood products.
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to recognize a reaction to blood or blood products and change blood infusion to normal saline:          
  • fever
  • BC-06-19
  • chills
  • BC-06-20
  • rash
  • BC-06-21
  • flank pain or back pain
  • BC-06-22
  • bloody urine
  • BC-06-23
  • fainting or dizziness.
  • BC-06-24 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to discontinue blood transfusion.
    BC-06-25 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to monitor and evaluate therapeutic and non-therapeutic responses to blood transfusion.
    BC-06-26 Demonstrate ability to effectively document information regarding transfusion therapy.
    BC-06-27 Demonstrate knowledge of agency policies pertaining to blood transfusions.
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