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BC: Infusion Therapy BC-05: Hypodermoclysis
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
BC-05-01 Demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, specifically the circulatory system.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to recognize the purpose of hypodermoclysis:          
  • replacement of electrolytes
  • BC-05-03
  • correct fluid imbalance
  • BC-05-04
  • symptom control
  • BC-05-05
  • administer several drugs simultaneously utilizing several sites
  • BC-05-06
  • when other routes are no longer available or appropriate
  • BC-05-07
  • continuous medication administration
  • BC-05-08
  • pain management.
  •   Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate site:          
  • upper chest wall
  • BC-05-10
  • abdominal wall
  • BC-05-11
  • anterolateral thigh.
  • BC-05-12 Demonstrate ability to initiate hypodermoclysis infusion.
    BC-05-13 Demonstrate ability to provide medications and fluids via hypodermoclysis.
    BC-05-14 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to monitor, maintain, regulate, and evaluate hypodermoclysis infusion.
      Demonstrate knowledge and ability to identify and describe complications of hypodermoclysis related to etiology and clinical manifestation:          
  • allergy
  • BC-05-16
  • infection
  • BC-05-17
  • lack of absorption.
  • BC-05-18 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to discontinue hypodermoclysis.
    BC-05-19 Demonstrate ability to document hypodermoclysis therapy.
    BC-05-20 Demonstrate knowledge of agency policies pertaining to hypodermoclysis therapy.
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