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AC: Nursing Practice AC-10: Medical / Surgical Asepsis
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
AC-10-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to differentiate between medical and surgical asepsis.
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply principles of medical / surgical asepsis when providing nursing care and interventions:          
  • clean and aseptic techniques
  • AC-10-03
  • donning a mask
  • AC-10-04
  • donning gloves
  • AC-10-05
  • double bagging
  • AC-10-06
  • gowning for isolation
  • AC-10-07
  • hand washing
  • AC-10-08
  • isolation techniques
  • AC-10-09
  • sterile technique
  • AC-10-10
  • specialized cleaning of equipment
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