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AC: Nursing Practice AC-09: Elimination
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to care for urinary elimination needs such as:          
  • continuous bladder irrigation
  • AC-09-02
  • distension
  • AC-09-03
  • double J stint
  • AC-09-04
  • incontinence
  • AC-09-05
  • inserting and removing urethral catheter
  • AC-09-06
  • intermittent bladder irrigation
  • AC-09-07
  • re-inserting established suprapubic catheter
  • AC-09-08
  • residual urine
  • AC-09-09
  • retraining
  • AC-09-10
  • urostomy
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to care for bowel elimination needs such as:          
  • enema
  • AC-09-12
  • fecal impaction
  • AC-09-13
  • ostomies
  • AC-09-14
  • rectal tubes
  • AC-09-15 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize devices and equipment related to elimination needs.
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