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EC: Practice Management EC-02: Records Management
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Maintain a patient / client chart, demonstrating the ability to:          
  • Document concisely and accurately
  • EC-02-02
  • Include required chart information
  • EC-02-03
  • Record information in compliance with legal requirements
  • EC-02-04
  • Provide a prescription slip when making therapeutic product recommendations.
  •   Manage patient's / client's records and demonstrate knowledge of:          
  • Office filing systems
  • EC-02-06
  • Office recall system
  • EC-02-07
  • Chart notations
  • EC-02-08
  • Computers systems and software used for records
  • EC-02-09
  • Confidentiality, privacy and legal implications of records.
  • EC-02-10 Use the standardized legal contract regarding nurse - client relationship.
    EC-02-11 Manage financial transactions related to the practice in compliance with legal requirements.
    EC-02-12 Ensure prescription slips have the necessary information such as client name, date, prescription drug, dosage and applicable use.
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