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EB: Nurse Educator EB-10: Educator Evaluation
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to evaluate own performance:          
  • conform to the polices and conditions of employment
  • EB-10-02
  • establish own objectives to maintain competence and improve performance
  • EB-10-03
  • participate in annual performance appraisal
  • EB-10-04
  • adhere to the duties, roles and responsibilities of the job description
  • EB-10-05
  • participate in internal and external committees and professional activities
  • EB-10-06
  • take responsibility for own professional and personal development
  • EB-10-07
  • maintain appropriate professional behaviour
  • EB-10-08
  • use effective communication to maintain positive interpersonal relationships with students, peers, administration, and clinical staff
  • EB-10-09
  • promote a positive image of the program and of nursing
  • EB-10-10
  • act as an advocate of students and the learning process.
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