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EB: Nurse Educator EB-05: Learning Environment
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge and ability to effectively manage the learning environment:          
  • ensure delivery of safe client care
  • EB-05-02
  • maintain and model professional behaviour in the classroom, lab, and clinical settings
  • EB-05-03
  • use modules of curriculum to guide learning experience
  • EB-05-04
  • assess needs of students
  • EB-05-05
  • set up classroom and lab facilities
  • EB-05-06
  • set up appropriate equipment
  • EB-05-07
  • establish an environment conducive to student learning
  • EB-05-08
  • establish expectations and standards and communicates them to students and relevant others
  • EB-05-09
  • communicate and implement policy and procedures
  • EB-05-10
  • select clinical assignments for students
  • EB-05-11
  • supervise delivery of care by students
  • EB-05-12
  • manage conflict
  • EB-05-13
  • encourage interaction between instructor, student, and peers
  • EB-05-14
  • focus on group efforts and outcomes
  • EB-05-15
  • model safe work methods
  • EB-05-16 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to establish and maintain a safe learning environment.
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