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EB: Nurse Educator EB-03: Curriculum Development
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
  Demonstrate knowledge of curriculum development and revision:          
  • identify major content areas / theoretical knowledge and skills of nursing
  • EB-03-02
  • assist with blueprinting course outline
  • EB-03-03
  • collect data regarding course content, delivery methods, learner objectives / outcomes
  • EB-03-04
  • identify and develop learner objectives / outcomes
  • EB-03-05
  • prepare learner objectives / outcomes
  • EB-03-06
  • sequence modules
  • EB-03-07
  • develop student materials
  • EB-03-08
  • develop workshops and learning activities
  • EB-03-09
  • develop case situations and clinical simulations
  • EB-03-10
  • develop evaluation materials
  • EB-03-11
  • collect ongoing information to assist with revision of course content
  • EB-03-12
  • maintain currency of course content throughout delivery of course
  • EB-03-13
  • validate learner objectives / outcomes
  • EB-03-14
  • participate in committees and taskforces to facilitate ongoing review and revision of the curriculum
  • EB-03-15 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to establish curriculum for areas of study.
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