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EA: Nurse Leader EA-08: Supervision
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
EA-08-01 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to assign, educate, and supervise nurses, aides / assistants and students following guidelines and agency policy / procedures.
EA-08-02 Demonstrate ability to determine the extent and complexity of client needs and the nature of the work to be assigned.
EA-08-03 Demonstrate ability to determine that the assignment is consistent with the nurse's or aide's job description and competence.
  Demonstrate ability to recognize the need for ensuring competence and support for those supervised through:          
  • teaching
  • EA-08-05
  • written instructions
  • EA-08-06
  • indirect supervision
  • EA-08-07
  • direct supervision.
  • EA-08-08 Demonstrate ability to clearly communicate to the supervised staff member the expectations and outcomes in concise and measurable terms.
    EA-08-09 Demonstrate ability to encourage feedback and communication from supervised staff regarding the clarity of direction and expectations.
    EA-08-10 Demonstrate ability to recognize the need for intervention in care when necessary.
      Demonstrate ability to evaluate the results of the assigned task on an ongoing basis by:          
  • ongoing communication
  • EA-08-12
  • clients response and outcomes
  • EA-08-13
  • adjustments in care plan
  • EA-08-14
  • evaluation of reporting and documentation.
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