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EA: Nurse Leader EA-06: Human Resource Management
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
EA-06-01 Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and clinical judgment when practicing in human resource management.
EA-06-02 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of areas affecting human resource management such as collective agreements, legislation and regulations.
EA-06-03 Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to implement the disciplinary process of the organization.
EA-06-04 Demonstrate ability to identify the nursing care delivery model and staffing methods used in the organization.
EA-06-05 Demonstrate knowledge of the various job description, policies, and procedures of the organization.
EA-06-06 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to participate in and conduct job interviews.
EA-06-07 Demonstrate ability to participate in or conduct annual performance appraisals.
EA-06-08 Demonstrate ability to ensure security and confidentiality of personnel information.
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