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DC: Professionalism DC-09: Continuing Competence
No. Competency Item NAC DEV COM DTE EXC
DC-09-01 Demonstrate ability to accept responsibility for maintaining competence through life-long learning.
  Demonstrate ability to commit to life-long learning by annual participation in Continuing Competency Programs using tools such as:          
  • self assessment
  • DC-09-03
  • peer review and feedback
  • DC-09-04
  • prioritize learning
  • DC-09-05
  • learning plans
  • DC-09-06
  • record and track learning
  • DC-09-07
  • participate in audits.
  • DC-09-08 Demonstrate ability to actively seek opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills and achieve goals identified on learning plan.
    DC-09-09 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to participate in continuous quality improvement and evidence based changes to nursing practice within the employment setting.
    DC-09-10 Demonstrate ability to actively participate in formal employer performance appraisals in which the nurse is evaluated according to identified standards.
    DC-09-11 Demonstrate willingness and ability to participate in committees and activities at a national, regional and local level to enhance quality health care.
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